Phoenix & Dragon combines the complexity of progressive rock, the aggression of traditional metal, the harmonic qualities of classical music and the atmosphere of New Age music to create its own brand of symphonic progressive metal. Initially formed in 2005 by guitarists Teddy Arunski , Chris Sack and drummer Jair Wing, the band’s full live lineup was not completed until Thanksgiving of 2008 after the steady addition of original core members. This group of musicians, including former and original members, play with spectator-oriented classically-trained musicianship. Phoenix & Dragon’s current line-up is: Teddy Arunski on guitar, Jermaine Mars on bass, Jonathan Gabriel Jr. on keyboards, Seth Gibson on drums, and newest member Leon Lindon on Vocals.

Performing as an instrumental band since 2009, The band has shared the stage with the likes of Symphony X, Queensryche, Fates Warning, Quiet Riot, Michael Angelo Batio, 3 Inches Of Blood, Mayhem, Sabaton, Blackguard, Powerglove, Fair To Midland, Abigail Williams, Immolation, Arkona, Turisas, Y&T, Adrenaline Mob and many more. In 2015, the band played the main stage at the Pico Rivera Sports Arena with Upon A Burning Body during the latter’s All Stars Tour at the Treasure Fest festival in Whittier, CA.

Phoenix & Dragon completed a successful Northwest U.S. Summer Tour in 2012 with former Italian Power Metal singer Fabio Gentile. After Gentile’s departure, Phoenix & Dragon went back to its roots and performed as an instrumental act until October of 2014, when opera-trained Danny Aiello then joined and performed with the band as frontman for a few months before deciding on taking on a different path as a music teacher and guitar player. Leon Lindon joined Phoenix & Dragon at the dawn of 2016 bringing not only the perfect voice to complement the already jaw dropping music, but also a heightened level of theatrics and visualization to the bands already stunning live show.

As of January 2016 with the addition of Leon Lindon on vocals, Phoenix and Dragon looks toward the horizon with even more focus, creativity, power and mind blowing musicianship than ever before.


Leon Lindon – Vocals

Leon Lindon joined Phoenix & Dragon at the dawn of 2016 after experimenting with a variety of music genres and eventually discovering that metal was his true home. Although he began his vocal career in the classical style, he now seeks to channel the influences of such metal singers as Edu Falaschi, Fabio Lione, and Bruce Dickinson.


Teddy Arunski – Lead Guitar

Teddy started Phoenix & Dragon in 2005 just a few years after he started playing guitar. With a diehard love of progressive rock and metal as well as having an extensive jazz influence including Joe Pass, Ray Charles, Oscar Peterson, and Thelonius Monk (to name a few), he brings a creative edge to Phoenix & Dragon’s music.


Jermaine Mars – Bass Guitar

Jermaine Mars picked up the bass at age 12 with a run down four-string. With no musical training, he taught himself and picked up a six-string later on in 2007 just before joining his first band Phoenix & Dragon. He incorporates a Victor Wooten-esque tapping technique into his style. His influences are Victor Wooten, Stu Hamm, Steve Harris and John Myung, all of whom inspired him to pick up the bass.


Jonathan Gabriel Jr. – Keyboards

Jonathan started toying with his first JVC synthesizer when he was 10 and has written and recorded soundtracks for class skits and plays in elementary school. He is heavily influenced by film score and new age music by the likes of Zimmerman, Elfman, Williams, and Yanni. His progressive metal influences are Dream Theater, Liquid Tension Experiment, Symphony X, Adagio, Circus Maximus, and Children Of Bodom, among many other prog metal bands.


Seth Gibson – Drums

Seth began independently experimenting with drums when he was 9 years old. His rock and metal influences inspired him to quickly advance musically. At 16 years old, Seth joined Phoenix & Dragon in late 2015, bringing a drumming style influenced by Neil Peart, Mike Portnoy, Jason Rullo, Keith Moon, and John Bonham.