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On the night Aug. 10, 2013 we rode clumsily into Prescott, Arizona. We were still licking our wounds the battle of the night before. Exhausted and weary but ready to do battle once more.

Before the battle was to begin we ordered our ale and started to prepare our weapons for what the gods would bring us on this evening. As we reminisced and laughed over the prior evening’s adventures we were actually trying to forget what lied before us on this night. As other battled tested warriors began to slowly, languidly fill the tavern the energy began to flow throughout the room. The generals for this evening’s battle began to prepare us for combat.

Here we all are. The time is now. PHOENIX AND DRAGON clashed with the still of the night with an abrupt force that that could only be challenged by a blow of the mighty Thor’s own hammer.

Our symphonic, power, fantasy metal adventure was to last just over 50 minutes. This was a non-stop battle (well a couple tiny ones for a breath of air) that far exceeded limits of my own weary mind.

If you aren’t into fantasy, power, symphonic or prog metal, you most certainly would be after watching this band perform. Phoenix and Dragon let no room for a single person to walk away and take a leak or to step outside of the Drunken Lass to have a smoke. To walk away would mean to miss something amazing and fantastic.

I could only imagine what would happen if these cat’s had an actual stage to roam and perform. What would they bring to their set then? Would there be dragons, maidens, knights, or perhaps even a space battle?

Every single member of this 5 man band has amazing talent and energy (the bassist look so pissed ALL night long though). As I watched this band play I closed my eyes for a minute and began to find myself in a fantasyland I have not visited since my youth and just smiled. I also wondered where did or what did those around me daydream about when they listed to Phoenix and Dragon play. All I can say is, this band is one not to be missed, EVER!

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